Why Us

We Understand SMEs >

We have extensive experience with small companies and understand their needs. This means that we are sensitive to the budgetary, logistical and human resources constraints of smaller companies. We are unique in offering customised solutions against the kind of large threats traditionally faced by corporates, but increasingly targeted against SMEs. We recommend solutions appropriate to your company and are not tied to any particular manufacturer or supplier. Where possible we will suggest reputable open source or free software products.

We Know Technology >

With decades of experience with IT, networks and the technologies use for securing electronic information we are comfortable hardening typical office hardware and software. Our real world experience with Cyber threats and their mitigation is used to your advantage, as we can recommend the latest hardware and software appropriate to your company.

We Analyse Your Business >

Although manufacturers offer their own very capable hardware and software, traditionally only corporates can afford the associated spend on understanding their risk profile. With our background in business, we can help you customise security and the associated spending depending on the type of information being secured and the threat to it. We do not simply recommend placing a perimeter around all of your information handling assets, as this is rarely practical cost-wise.

We Know Cyber >

And probably most importantly, we have first hand experience of Cyber attacks. Get in touch to find out how we can help your company can become resilient against Cyber attacks.